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Mar 24, 2017

Comprehensions for Grade 3 (Ages 7 – 9) Worksheets Passage 25

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Grade 3 Comprehensions with Answers

The Vikings

The Vikings were great explorers, and travelled all over the world by longship. The lived lived over 1000 years ago in Scandinavia. Between the years 700 to 1100 AD, many Vikings left their homelands in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They traveled to other countries, including Ireland and England.
The word Viking means “pirate raid”. When the Vikings first landed on British soil, the British went down to introduce themselves and be civil toward the Vikings. But, the Vikings attacked. They fought the local people and stole their belongings………..

Page 1 Passage worksheet

Page 1 Passage Worksheet

Page 2 Questions worksheet

Page 2 Questions Worksheet

Page 3 Answers worksheet

Page 3 Answers Worksheet

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