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Apr 2, 2017
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Comprehensions for Grade 3 (Ages 7 – 9) Worksheets Passage 30

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Grade 3 Comprehensions with Answers

Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants obtain some of the nutrients they need, from trapping and eating animals. They may trap insects, invertebrates or small mammals and amphibians.  Carnivorous plants usually grow in areas that are low in nutrients, but they have adapted to their environment. They can get nutrients from other animals, instead of just from the soil or water directly. All carnivorous plants flower like other flowers. Most carnivorous plants have developed a way to lure and trap other animals. Some traps are passive, while others are active. Each type of carnivorous plant uses different means to lure their pray.  Some carnivorous plants use scent and sweet nectar to draw prey in. Their trap is designed to hold the prey……………

Page 1 Passage worksheet

Page 1 Passage Worksheet

Page 2 Questions worksheet

Page 2 Questions Worksheet

Page 3 Answers worksheet

Page 3 Answers Worksheet

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