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Apr 29, 2013

How To Combat Child Manipulation

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A child imitates behavior from its surrounding to survive. Every child try to influence their care takers, to ensure their needs are met. Children will try a whole range of strategies until they are given their due attention. From infancy to childhood and childhood to teens, they come up with tricks to manipulate their parents for numerous reasons, like: to feel powerful, to get what they want, to gain attention etc.

Parents find an easy way out and punish their children or get harsh to them; many of the children end up beaten by their parents. But this is not getting anywhere; in the long run it may have adverse effect on parent child relationship. All parents have different techniques to handle their children due to the difference in culture, socio- economic background, social status and religion.

Here are few tips for the parents, to combat manipulation by their children.

1. If your child is continuously bothering you by asking the same thing again and again, then here you have to handle it tactically. Like for instance your child wants to go to a friend’s party, and you are resistant to permit your child due to the upcoming exams, develop a bottom line. Like if you study two chapters of science and explain them on a piece of paper then only you can go, and no further discussion are needed. It will for sure help.

2. Many children lie to their parents, they conceal the truth if it is beneficial for them. Stay vigilant about knowing where is your child going and with whom, so there is minimum lying. And if you catch them lying, let them know that it is unacceptable and as a lesson they will go to bed early on weekends as well.

3. Many children involve in rebellious acts to provoke their parents. First explain them gently that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. But if they continue to do so, restrict them their favorite pastimes. Make ground rules from the beginning, and make sure they are followed, no matter what.

4. Children are hesitant in sharing their little experiences with their parents, as their is lack of family bonding between them. Get involved with your child as much as possible. Share your own weird college and school experiences which will make them laugh and will develop a trust between both of you. It will help in fostering friendly relationship and a healthy environment at the house.

5. Black mailing is a very common and popular way children adopt to get what they want. Like your child will often say that ‘ i am sad and i will not talk to u until I get this ‘. Let them be sad for a while, don’t lose your focus as a parent and ignore the emotions for a while. As once you give them what they want, this behavior will be repeated regularly. If the parent can keep their poise children will not dare to black mail them.

Child manipulations are very challenging and it is a tough task to combat them. Parents need a lot of patience to handle and up bring their child. Just be the kind of person you want your child to be, and it will hopefully make things easier.

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  • excellent job…this will prvide alot of knowledge to different parents who usually neglects the real attentiveness towards their childrens…well done

    anum April 29, 2013 9:05 pm Reply

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